Wondering how to find viral content ideas for your business niche so you have something ready for your social media accounts at all times? I bet you do, I mean who wouldn’t want an unlimited supply of content ideas in their niche, right? Content creation is exhausting enough, imagine hitting that creative wall where you are just unable to come up with new and fresh ideas for your social media and are stuck feeling like you’ve tried it all, exhausted it all.

But we are here to tell you otherwise. We are here to tell you that thanks to this incredible online Instagram tool, you will never run out of content ideas ever again. You’ll never have issues finding viral content ideas for your business niche either, ensuring that you’ll get more people viewing your content, and more conversions through them. So without delay, here the viral content ideas tool and instructions on how to use it.

Inflact Profile Analyzer Tool

Try this tool here – https://inflact.com/tools/profile-analyzer/

Your viral content tip is simple.

Just click on that link and head over to Inflact’s profile analyzer tool. Enter the Instagram handle or profile link of your closest competitor. Be sure to choose one that is nailing their content game with consistent viral posts and quality content that gets lots of engagement. The tool will give you all the content ideas you will need, and not just that, but content ideas that work. Once you run the analyzer, have a look at the most recent high-performing content from your competitors and aim to replicate that. Don’t copy your competitors’ content, captions or hashtags, just use them as an inspiration and give it your own twist to see similarly replicated high performance results.

You can use this tool to analyze several of your competitors and create a whole pool of content that works. This way, you never run out of content ideas that are not just easy to create or replicate, but these are ideas that have already worked for others and have a high likelihood of working for you too.

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