Unlike on fleeting social media posts that can get lost in a day, it pays better to grow your brand on Pinterest as Pinterest is a visual search engine. Here, pins are evergreen content, discoverable for months or even years after they are pinned on their search terms, if they are well search engine optimized. This unique quality makes Pinterest a goldmine for driving long-term traffic to your website or product pages not just immediately but over a longer term. By mastering Pinterest SEO and consistently posting high-quality, value-packed pins, you can significantly boost sales and brand awareness through Pinterest.

In other words, imagine Pinterest as a visual filing cabinet, overflowing with inspiration, ideas and products. Unlike fleeting social media posts that disappear faster than a birthday cake at a toddler party, Pinterest pins have a serious staying power and can be discovered for months, even years, based on what they’re about. And when we say discovered, we mean they can be found and lead traffic to the URLs linked to those pins. That’s why Pinterest is such a valuable marketing avenue for businesses looking to attract new customers.

So then the question, if you business were to start on Pinterest today, how can you grow your brand on Pinterest in 2024, and how long will it take you to see results. Pinterest, just like Google, is a long haul SEO game. That said though, if you are doing your Pinterest SEO properly and paying attention to pin design, you can still grow on Pinterest and fast, provided you are in an active niche that’s fairly visual.

Here are 3 things to remember in order to make Pinterest a powerful tool that drives traffic to your website and boosts your sales like a jetpack on a rocket ship.

Pin Like a Pro: How Often Should You Post and Does Consistency Matter?

The key to Pinterest success is consistency. So how often should you be pinning really depends on how long can you sustain the cycle of pin creation or pin design and pin SEO before posting? It’s not a race to pin the most pins in a day (and then disappear for the next 6 months). The sweet spot depends on you and your audience, keeping long term sustainability in mind.. Ideally, most Pinterest gurus tell you to aim for at least 5-10 pins a day, but remember, quality is king (or queen!), and maintaining the frequency consistently is to. Think of it like this: would you rather have ten delicious cupcakes in a day for one day and never have cupcakes again for a year, or would you rather have one a day and maintain that frequency daily without spoiling your health and diet? Exactly. Choose a number that you can stick with, even if it is one a day. If doing more than one a day, schedule your pins throughout the day to reach people in different time zones. Make sure that you not only use fresh pins each time, but you also link out to fresh URLs on your website, so that the Pinterest algorithm doesn’t categorize you as a spammer.

Pinning Rules: Keep it Fresh and Friendly

Freshness is the name of the game on Pinterest. Repinning your own awesome content is totally fine, but prioritize creating new pins that link to fresh, high-quality content on your website. Even while repinning, ensure that you space things out as nobody likes a spammer that bombards users with the same pins over and over. Focus on organic reach by linking to your own website but also look at paid Pinterest ads. Even if you run ads on a small budget and infrequently, you signal to Pinterest that you have the potential to become a regular paying customer, thus tricking it into boosting your organic results even when you’re running no ads.

Learn Pinterest SEO: Keywords are Important

Pinterest SEO is like sprinkling magic search dust on your pins and profile to make them shine brighter in search results. It involves using relevant keywords (that people are actively searching for) in your titles, descriptions, and even your board names. But unlike traditional SEO, how people interact with your pins once you’ve posted them matters too. The more saves and clicks you get, the higher organic reach your pins will get. So while SEO keywords matter, designing your pins to be highly engaging and consisting of headings or titles that are highly clickable always helps. By optimizing for both search and user engagement, your brand will attract the right audience and send a flood of website visitors your way.

These Pinterest tips are for sure the very basics to help you grow in 2024. And of course creating Pinterest pins, researching Pinterest keywords and consistently generating keyword-rich yet click-worthy pins on a regular, often-daily basis is a fulltime job. So as a business owner, you can even consider outsourcing your Pinterest marketing to a Pinterest marketing specialist or VA. Reach out to us at SayMe Marketing, should you need help.

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