Swipe this optimal Instagram posting schedule and gain quick growth for your Instagram account. It may look like a lot but don’t let overwhelm set it. Plan your content to a content strategy and schedule 2 to 3 days to film your b-rolls and plan your content for the whole month or the next couple of weeks. This will take the stress out of content creation and you can safely schedule your content in advance. Also not that this is an aggressive-growth posting schedule. It is important to maintain consistency. So you can lower the posting frequency to meet your needs in a way that you are not missing any days and still achieving modest or moderate growth otherwise.

Your Optimal Posting Schedule for Instagram

Since the objective of each type of Instagram post is different, when you tweak this optimal posting schedule and reduce certain type of posts, the objective of those types of posts will also be lowered. Once again though, since this is an aggressive growth schedule, it can be tweaked so as to ensure that whatever schedule you choose, you keep at it consistently.

Single Posts: 2 to 4 per week. These attract reach when posted at optimal posting times and with relevant hashtags.

Carousel Posts: 1 to 3 per week or at least 5 slides. You can mix it up by having a video or two in the in-between slides too, as carousels present the wonderful opportunity of being shown for their first slide as well as for their inner slides on second-show basis. Carousel posts are meant for reach and for nurturing existing followers.

3 to 7 reels per week for reach, at least a few using trending audio. Reel covers need to be attractive and the reel’s hook should be alive and kicking within the first 5 seconds of the video.

Lots of Instagram gurus say that 3 to 5 stories a day are required for Instagram growth but SayMe’s personal experience with clients says that this is too much. Having 1 to 2 stories a day suffices, and not just that, it also pays rich dividends in terms of reach to take a gap day or 2, let the existing stories completely expire and then post new ones. Try it out and let us know how it goes in the comments below.

Having 1 to 2 Instagram lives and influencer collabs each month also helps to exponential increase reach, but these are not mandatory at the very start of your growth journey.

DMs are a great way to reach out to new people and nurture mutually beneficial relationships. Sending 15 to 20 DMs a day to strategically selected handles helps to get better reach and Instagram growth in turn. Similarly making 20 to 30 comments per day on post made by relevant profiles is also important. No matter how many followers you currently have, this will help you grow your audience, build connections and sell at the same time.

Swipe this optimal Instagram posting schedule and win in your Instagram game.

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