Yes you do. That’s the straight answer up front. Facebook marketing may seem simple if you have been drawn in by some reels and YouTube tutorials, but for a busy business owner completely focused on running your business and offering your core products and services, it is a whole new world that you will not just need to enter but also learn to master if you are interested in getting the best results with high ROIs.

And without going round and round on this, here’s why that is so.

There’s a Lot of Technical Stuff

Yes, you may already know the basics, like optimizing your Facebook pages, creating and posting regular content and engaging on groups where your target audience lives, but there’s more to Facebook marketing than just that. And getting a Facebook marketing expert for regular Facebook management and for running paid Facebook ads will save you a lot of trouble in getting things done right. From setting up Facebook tracking pixels correctly, to setting up ad manager accounts, campaigns, ad sets and ads after mapping up Facebook ad funnels and setting up the correct strategies, there really is a lot of work that goes in with meta ads across all meta platforms such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads and WhatsApp ads. Outsourcing this to someone who knows how to set this up correctly and to get you the best returns on your investments does go a long way towards hitting success and faster.

Time and Resource Constraints

Simply put, if you do not have the resources (time and energy) to dedicate to learning how to do Facebook ads correctly for your business, you should delegate this responsibility to someone else. The truth is, as a small business owner, you might currently be doing everything yourself, and wearing multiple hats comes at a cost. And that cost is lack of time, lack of energy and lack of appetite to take on more things on your already full plate. This is when dedicating this task of running successful Facebook ads can be dedicated to an expert.

Metrics and Data

As a busy business owner, you might already be keeping track of your bookkeeping and accounting, number crunching on orders, growth in orders and more. Imagine if you now had to learn and track complex conversion and vanity metrics derived from your social media ads. And not just learn them, but learn from them. Like the results of A/B tests, how to use this data to run better ads in future, how to tweak existing ads to yield better conversions based on the data or results, etc. This is not just time consuming but also quite difficult. Unless you learn it, it is hard to pick up quickly. So unless you have the time to make an investment in learning to do it correctly, outsourcing it can justify that costs it comes with. After all, your Facebook manager is obligated to share these results with you, and share his or her insight on what can be done better. He or she can also guide you on ideal budgets, setting up the correct funnels infrastructure and setting up the next steps from after you have captured a lead. They know what they are doing and this makes spending money on them more worthwhile.

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