Here’s your guide to creating unique daily content that works and effortlessly. Resolve your ‘what should I post’ dilemma with this easy quick fix to endless content ideas, and not just any content ideas, but those that work by resonating with your ideal target audience.

Every good social media strategy starts with planning good content, and not just any content, but content that works with your target audience. This is often easier said than done because creating and posting content can be exhausting and coming up with content ideas even more so. Considering that social media has now become a content hungry monster that needs to be fed daily or even several times daily at times, for busy business owners who wish to DIY their marketing this effort is just not sustainable. And no effort that is done religiously over a number of days and then sporadically ‘when one can, when one has the time, or when creativity strikes’ thereafter just does not work.

But there’s a hack that can half your content creation time because you won’t need to spend hours thinking about what to make and post anymore. And here what it entails.

Hack to Create Unique Daily Content that Works

Here’s the simple hack that involves spying on your competitors and replicating what has already been working, without spending hours on research.

Check out this tool.

Just visit and plug in your nearest competitor’s profile/handle. Choose your competitor wisely, one that has been consistently performing better than you, in your niche, and targeted precisely at your audience. The better your competitor pick, the higher the likelihood that you’ll get a goldmine of information from this tool.

You can also collect similar data from several competitors at once, create an excel sheet of ideas and then work on it accordingly.

Once you get the results from the competitor research you do on Inflact, find the highest performing content that aligns with your strategy objectives, and simply replicate it. Inspiration is closer than you think (wink wink).

Try this and let us know what you think. If you ever exhaust your content ideas, you simply need to search again or try a different set of competitors. That’s all. Good luck with your DIY content creation. If you need help, try SayMe’s digital marketing services.

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