Are you a B2B business wondering how to get B2B leads without spending an arm and a leg? Or, are you struggling with lead generation and prefer to outsource it to expensive agencies? SayMe is here to not only simplify your lead generation process for you but also to help you DIY it while saving a ton of money too. So here’s your step-by-step easy led generation guide, especially if you are disillusioned with LinkedIn Navigator, your main lead generation support thus far.

Step 1:

Join Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups or Discord communities that are relevant to your niche (or the niche you are looking for leads in).

Step 2:

Just paid or free data scraping tools like Phantom Buster (has a free trial) or Clay lead generation (has a free tier and a pro plan trial) to scrape all of the group members and generate and excel sheet of email addresses.

Step 3:

Verify the emails on your list using free or paid email verification tools like Million Verifier which allows you to verify 1000 email addresses per day for free. Mark all verified emails in the green on your excel sheet.

That is now your email list for step 4.

Step 4:

Start a cold emailing campaign. You can use free or paid AI tools such as SmartLead, but if you are targeting a small batch per day that is unlikely to get flagged, using your own business email to send out a cold email also works. Since you do not have explicit permission to mail them, these leads cannot be added to your newsletters or weekly/monthly email lists. So do keep this list aside just for cold emailing. Once your cold email succeeds in getting some feedback, or if you are able to convert them into playing clients, the option of asking them for permissions and adding them to your regular lists always exists. At SayMe Marketing, we always strive to stay away from black hat techniques and hence, this technique, if used in moderation, can get you qualified B2B leads in no time.

Good luck in getting B2B leads for your business, and the right way too. Contact SayMe if you wish to outsource your lead generation activities to us. We can assist both through this method, as well as through paid Google ads and Meta ads.

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