If we were to give you 3 quick Instagram hacks that fast-track your growth, provided you do them every time before you post on Instagram, would you do them? What have you got to lose, try these today.

Double check your Instagram post or reel every single time before you post.

Ensure that your reel is readable and simple. We’re literally talking basics here. No typos. Ensure that your text stays on long enough for someone to read it comfortably. Ensure your chosen font is readable and there is appropriate contrast between the text and its background. Ensure that your text is within the boundaries of your frame or reel and not getting cut off. All this may be simple, but you’d be surprised how often this is overlooked. And sadly, these things matter a lot. This may be the difference between stopping that scroll and getting the viewer, or getting lost in obscurity.

Do a Mini Instagram Audit on Your Instagram Bio

If your Instagram bio is not optimized, you may not be sending clear signals to the Instagram algorithm about what your account is about. Do an audit and make these changes. Start with having a clear, professional-looking picture of you. Then start your first line with specific keywords on who you serve and how you can help. In the second line, state who you are. Add your professional experience or social proof. Be sure to include searchable keywords here as well. Lastly, don’t forget to add links to where your viewers can learn more about you and your services. No more than two links please, and the main one first (or on top).

Map Out Your Instagram Posts

Choose one specific problem or pain point that you want to talk about and get specific, get repetitive and dive deep. During the growth phase of your Instagram account, your sole objective is to get the algorithm to correctly identify you and your content, so that it correctly classifies you. This helps YOU, because then the algorithm pushes your content in front of your exact target audience, those who need solutions for that specific problem.

And if you need help planning your Instagram content, while knowing exactly how to create simple yet effective content that helps you gain new followers and convert those followers into warm leads, reach out to us for social media marketing solutions that are within your budgets.

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