Having reels go viral is every reel-makers wet dream and getting viral reel views is a dream come true for social media marketers too. Yet, while there is definitely a method to the madness (a theory that increased your chances for going viral), this is definitely not something anyone can say they have mastered enough to get 100% success. A viral reel, every single time you post a reel.

Yet, there is certainly one food-proof way to rake in reel views at the start (and whether the pattern of incoming reel views continues or not thereafter, depends on your content and the value it offers though). That one foolproof way is to grab attention and grab attention quickly, so that people who happen to come across it on Instagram stop their doom scrolling and take note. This grabbing of attention within 2 to 5 seconds is called a ‘pattern interrupt’. Pattern interrupts, as the name suggests are something so unusual, so unexpected, so random or so ‘something different’ that stopping to have a look is almost like an involuntary reaction. Pattern interrupts can be visual or auditory, and here are some examples.

Here are 10 great pattern interrupts that can help you grab viewers’ attention and make them stop doom scrolling on Instagram:

Visual Pattern Interrupts for Instagram Reels

  1. Start the reel with a shocking image or video: Open with a surprising or unexpected scene that jolts viewers and makes them want to see what happens next.
  2. Use bright colors or bold text: A burst of color or a large, eye-catching text overlay can disrupt the scroll and pique the interest of viewers.
  3. Switch the video aspect ratios mid-reel: Transition between portrait and landscape mode to create a visual surprise. There are a ton of videos these days that ask viewers to change to turn their phones before making the switch.
  4. Stop motion or rewind effect: Use stop motion animation, fast-forward, fast-rewind or a normal rewind effect to create a visually interesting intro.

Audio Pattern Interrupts for Instagram Reels

  1. Start with pin-drop silence followed by a loud sound effect: A sudden change in volume can be startling and effective at grabbing attention. You can even use startling sounds like a police car or ambulance or alarm sounds.
  2. Use a question or a statement to spark curiosity: Pose a question or a statement that directly addresses viewers and makes them want to hear the answer or see your take on the issue.
  3. Acapella singing or a unique sound effect: Start with a surprising or catchy soundbite to pull viewers in, even an interesting sound-based mee would work.
  4. Start with a funny voiceover or sound effect: Humor is a great way to break through the doom scroll that we all now do on Instagram these days.

Combination Pattern Interrupts for Viral Views on Instagram Reels

  1. Text overlay with a corresponding sound effect: Combine a visually interesting text overlay (in popping colours) with a sound effect that reinforces the message.
  2. Quick cuts with dynamic music: Use a fast-paced montage videos with energetic music to create a sense of excitement and keep viewers engaged beyond just the first 5 seconds even.

By using these pattern interrupts, you can increase the chances of people stopping their scroll and checking out your entire Instagram reel. Remember, the key is to surprise, intrigue, or entertain viewers within the first few seconds.

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