You ever make a killer Instagram reel that went viral, but with all the views came… crickets? No new followers, no comments, shares or engagement in general. Yeah, been there right? That’s the curse of the weak CTA, the call to action that whimpers instead of shouts, confusing viewers and leaving them directionless on what you expect them to do next.

But listen up, because powerful CTAs are the secret sauce for the growth of any great Instagram account. They’re the bridge between your awesome content and real results, whether that’s getting you more subscribers, driving sales, or simply sparking a conversation. In other words, they are absolutely essential.

So here are some psychology-backed CTAs and the science behind using them that will work for your Instagram account.

Instagram CTAs using the Verbs + Urgency + Exclusivity Formula

Verbs tell people exactly what to do next – verbs like get, start, download, stop, build, grow, buy, join, claim, discover, add to cart, save, find, try, etc. are direct and useful. Use these to generate good Instagram CTAs.

Building a sense of urgency helps to ensure that the desired action is taken quickly. Words like ends tomorrow, limited time only, one time offer, expires soon, urgent, now, last day to, only x days left, today, ends, immediately, instant, etc. are great to drive home a sense of urgency.

Adding the last ingredient of exclusivity seals the deal. Words like limited supply, while stocks last, secret access, special offer, for subscribers only, members only, limited spots, and request an invitation work really well to drive home the exclusivity factor.

Combining these in different combinations can yield killer Instagram CTAs such as:

Claim your free discount / download / trial offer.

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