Instagram limits are real. If you have a great Instagram strategy that involves posting, engaging, DMing and more, you need to know your Instagram limits to stay under Instagram’s spam radar, in order to avoid getting shadow banned. Many people mistake taking these limits as set in stone. But they are wrong!

When you start an account, your limits are much lower. In other words, if your Instagram account is new, make sure that you go slow at first. Later on, as you establish your presence on Instagram and your account is older, these limits will go up for you. Still, always remember not to push them too hard or you might get an action block on your account. Action blocks will seriously hurt your growth so avoid pushing your limits at all costs!

So without much ado, here are the limits for your Instagram account.

100 to 200 follows per day, with between 10 and 20 per hour.

300 to 500 likes per day, with between 100 and 120 per hour.

200 comments per day, 20 to 50 per hour.

The likes and comments need to look natural and not like bot activity. So wait 20 seconds or more between each action, like you are naturally surfing Instagram and finding stuff engaging.

No more than 300 to 500 combined actions per day. Build up your actions if your account is new or if your account has had no activity for months. Imagine you starting such as aggressive Instagram activity schedule out of the blue without building it up first, even you yourself would find your activity suspicious no?

Unfollow no more than 10 per hour, and stop just before you hit 150 per day.

DMs between 50 and 70 per day. Organic DMs that follow an on post activity such as a like or comment look more natural.

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