Your marketing strategy should always make sense to you, when you look at what it does for your target audience, plain and simple!

In today’s oversaturated marketing landscape, the average consumer is bombarded with countless messages daily, both on and off social media. So today, more than ever before, if your brand marketing features bland slogans and tired, over-used ad formats, you can expect your message to simply blend into the background noise and yield no noteworthy conversions. These stale marketing tactics are sure to fail to capture attention or spark engagement, where all audience crave something new, something fresh, something witty, something that’s fun, and more. To truly connect with your target audience, you need fresh, innovative marketing ideas (that also translate into fresh and innovative marketing creatives, graphics and videos) that cut through the clutter and force your audience to take note. Only then, with such a marketing strategy, will your marketing message rise register with potential customers and trigger the desired outcomes from your marketing campaigns.

SayMe Sayali Patil adds another important layer to this discussion on marketing strategy.

“As an experienced marketing professional, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a well-defined brand personality and voice. Your marketing strategy must not only match your brand personality but it should be authentic and consistent, 100% true to it throughout. Whether it’s playful and approachable, or authoritative and educational, letting this voice resonate across your marketing materials acts as a beacon for your target audience. It attracts like-minded customers who connect with your brand’s values and communication style. Think of it as crafting a message that perfectly aligns with your ideal customer’s interests, drawing them in like bees to a specific flower – the one that offers exactly what they need. By embracing your brand’s unique voice, you’ll cultivate deeper customer relationships and foster a loyal following.”

So How Do You Energize Your Stale Marketing Strategy?

  • Get better clarity on your brand personality, tone of voice, and target audience.
  • If you DIY your marketing, get your creatives aligned with a consistent brand strategy. If necessary, hire someone to make bespoke social media templates for your brand, and ensure that your branding carries through across platforms and content types. It is easier to DIY your marketing if your content structure is set and you have handy templates that you can use and reuse.
    • Realign your paid ads to match your brand and then set each paid marketing campaign to target different audiences, through minute differences in tone and voice, ensuring that it is attractive to that audience.
    • No matter what brand you are, serious or trendy, follow industry experts and industry trends. Update your marketing to changing trends and make use of research and data to find things that are already working, in order to replicate them. Why reinvent the wheel, we say!
    • If this is too hard to DIY, get a marketing strategist (the ones we have at SayMe) to set out a marketing strategy for you, one that is fresh and one that works on pre-agreed deliverables. Better still, save yourself a lot of stress, time and effort, but taking advantage of AI tools or seasoned professionals to outsource your entire digital marketing effort to. For example, SayMe has affordable pricing plans for just about any digital marketing need, and we work with all budgets.

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