Fun captioning apps to speed up social media captions (subtitles) for content creators and businesses that DIY their social media marketing

Short and long form videos have become almost essential in any kind of marketing strategy these days, and the hunt for video editing tools and captioning apps is still on.

Short videos like TikToks and Instagram reels capture attention quickly, a necessity in today’s fast-paced digital world with shrinking attention spans. Such easy-to-consume content that delivers a quick burst of entertainment or information in just a few seconds is appreciated by users and hence also have a higher chance of going viral.

Long-form videos such YouTube or Facebook videos perform better than long form blogs and cater to people who are seeking more in-depth content. These videos allow creators to tackle complex topics, tell compelling stories, or provide detailed tutorials. And with more and more video platforms prioritizing watch time and engagement as a vital metric, longer videos can attract dedicated viewers who are willing to invest time in consuming valuable content, a huge win for any business or brand.

But despite the almost-universal knowledge that video content is good for your brand or business, let’s face it. They are not easy to film, edit and schedule. And that’s where help comes into the picture. Especially in the form of AI assistance, because artificial intelligence has sure made the game easier.

And today we will talk of captioning or subtitling assistance provided by some great AI tools that can save business owners who are doing their social media marketing themselves, a ton of time and effort.

Here are our top 2 picks when it comes to captioning apps since subtitles are more important now than ever before, not just because they make your videos accessible to all, but also because they make your videos watchable even when being viewed on mute.

AI Captioning Tool 1: Captions AI

Find it here – Captions | Your AI-powered creative studio

This AI tool allows you to enhance your videos with captivating word-by-word captions (video subtitles) effortlessly using Whisper Speech-to-Text by OpenAI, the ChatGPT of speech. You can even use this tool as an effective teleprompter but its biggest superpower is allowing AI to dubbing your content in various languages too, no longer limiting your content to geographical boundaries. You can use this tool to craft dynamic subtitles tailored to your brand’s fonts in less than half the time it would take for you to plug them in manually.

While base features are available for free use on this tool, you will have to shell out $5.99 weekly or $9.99 monthly ($64.99 yearly) to use all the premium features,. And if you really create a lot of video content, we say, it is well worth the expense.

AI Captioning Tool 2: HypeType for iOS

Find it here for Apple users – Hype-Type: Moving Text Photo-s on the App Store (

A dream come true for almost all content creators, HypeType is a mobile app that allows you to add gorgeous text to your videos, complete with automatic styling and designed motion typography! We don’t want to give away too much here, because seriously, you’ve got to try it and feel the magic yourselves especially when it comes to quickly adding text animation on your video content and leveling up on your video game!

The app is free to use for certain features, but you’ll have to spend $19.99 yearly to gain access to premium features. And that’s a steal if you ask us.

That’s it, those were our two picks. If you have more, do share them with us. Let’s collectively help business owners and creators DIY their social media marketing by learning the tricks of the trade.

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