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Project Details

Desigual South Africa, the licensed Desigual franchise in South Africa, operated via the website www.desi-sa.co.za here in South Africa. SayMe Marketing was roped in to upgrade the existing WordPress website to match the original Spanish website in look and functionality. The project also involved regular website maintenance, regular website updates such as starting and ending sales, adding new pages, setting up new categories, collections, etc. Monthly SEO was added to the requirements, both on-page as well as off-page, where we optimized all product pages and images before they went live, wrote and published optimized blogs to build a keyword pool for pre-determined pillar pages.

SayMe Marketing was also involved in running regular giveaways, offers, coupons, etc. on the website. We also provided bulk upload services for new products and collections that came in a few times each year. We also worked specifically on WooCommerce and helped the website with different product functionalities; and we were also involves with setting up various payment integrations.

Lastly, the project also involved web design and graphic design, where the site was periodically updated with custom-designed banners and new collection pages were custom-designed according the the collection theme.

Client's Specific Requirement
desigual south africa
Mar, 2021
NOV, 2023
Outcomes Delivered

Through the use of effective and smart SEO strategies, we had managed to bring the website up organically on #2 position in SERPS. It was also ranking on the first page of Google search results for strong buy-intent keywords such as Desigual bags, Desigual dresses, etc. in an organic, unpaid manner.

Even when we ran paid Google ads for various objectives such as getting store calls, upping online sales or getting higher in-store footfall, we managed to achieve results even on a meagre budget of R1000 per month initially, and then R2000 per month later towards the end of the project.

Reports of data from Ahrefs and Semrush showcasing the overall growth in visibility and ranking of the website were periodically shared with the client to showcase these results. SayMe Marketing is especially proud of the following website results when it comes to this challenging project (SayMe’s social media results for Desigual are detailed in a separate SMM portfolio post):

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