Did you know, that with a simple tweak, you can make your Instagram profile searchable? And did you also know that knowing this X-factor that makes your IG profile searchable can get you 10-times your usual reach thanks to Meta’s latest AI addition to searches on Instagram.

How? Here are the deets, but first.

What can you do to Make Your Instagram Profile Searchable?

It is very simple, really. Get your most important keyword into your Instagram name (as in handle). For example, we are @saymemarketing on Instagram. Adding your main keyword to your handle is one part of it, and of course, an important part of it. For when someone searches for marketing in the Instagram search bar, you can pop up right there in the search results.

Secondary ways, are of course to add semantic and related keywords to your Instagram bio, as part of your Instagram bio optimization. So for example, ancillary keywords for marketing could be social media (or the actual name of the social media you specialize in), or SEO, or organic marketing, or paid ads, or Pinterest optimization, or essentially anything related to your core niche that you offer as your main product or service.

Try it. It is a simple hack top get more eyeballs on your profile, not just through the search bar. But also through organic reach since you are effectively telling the algorithm exactly who you are and what you do, so it can show your content to people who are looking for what your offer or your type of content. Essentially, you are helping the algorithm classify or categorize your profile correctly.

This used to be important before. It is even more important now. What?! Haven’t you noticed all meta platforms now assisting searches with AI now? If you haven’t seen it yet, just update your Instagram app and go attempt to make a search via your search bar. AI-assistant search keywords will be right below your search bar, to help you with single click searches. If your keyword features in one of these AI-assists, bingo, you have hit your jackpot and a goldmine of organic traffic could await your profile (depending on how well optimized it is, and how much traffic that search term commands).


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